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 Ordering Details:

Custom Made Masks

Custom made masks are quoted based on each clients specific requirements, but typically can vary from $60.00 AUD upwards (not including GST for Australian customers and delivery costs). We require a minimum of 10 days to fill orders for custom designed masks.

Additional feathers:

Additional feathers can be added for an extra cost of $5.00. A choice of black Emu or Bantam feathers is available and the additional feathers are added in a fanned arrangement, on the same side of the mask, which houses the stick.

Delivery and Handling Charges

Delivery Address

Mask Type


Fee per Mask


Half Face

Express Post

$7 AUD


Full Face

Express Post

$10 AUD


Half Face

Air Mail

$12 AUD


Full Face

Air Mail

$15 AUD



Australian Customers:

We accept Visa, Bank Card or Master Card, Money Orders, Bank Cheques and can also deliver COD to Australian destinations.  Note: Australia Post charge a fee of $7.65 per parcel for COD collection, which is additional to our delivery and handling charges above.

International Customers:

Payment can be made by Visa, Bank Card or Master Card and Money Orders,

Mask Specifications

Regular half face mask and half face mask on stick.

  • Our masks normally feature subtle patterned material and small Hand painted designs.
  • All masks are fully felt lined for maximum comfort!
  • Masks with a feather feature a single Ostrich feather, approximately 25cm in length.
  • For masks on sticks, the stick is approximately 30 cm.
  • Choice of our Traditional style half face mask (as seen in Gallery 1 on our Web Site) or our Modern style half face mask (as seen in Picture G29 - Gallery 2).
  • Sizes.  Traditional style is a slightly larger mask approximately 15.5 cm wide by 1 0 cm high.  The Modern style is the same width but approx 7 to 9cm high.  Modern style masks also come in a choice of pointed or rounded contour above the eye (as seen in picture G29).


(a) When ordering we need to know the following details:

  • Item Code of Mask.
    Note: Item Codes are shown in the upper left hand corner of each picture in our Mask Galleries. Where there is more than one mask in a picture, each mask is identified as either A, B or C working Left to Right in the picture.  e.g. the Item Code G13B identifies the mask second from the left in picture G13 in Gallery 1.
  • Quantity of each mask
  • Billing Name & Address
  • Delivery Name & Address (if different from billing details)

(b) COD payment (Australian Customers only)

Simply E-Mail us at with the details described in (a) above.  We will confirm your order by return E-Mail and provide a fixed price quotation and delivery time.

(c) Credit Card Payment:

Telephone us on:

Australian callers (03) 9783 4601

International callers 011 61 3 9783 4601

and provide the details in (a) above and your credit card billing details.   Simple as that!









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